About travel blog

About travel blog

My name is Olena Goncharuk. I am a qualified English speaking tourist guide and a tour leader, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. This travel blog was created by me to give people practical and useful travel information. Being a traveler, I know that real and correct information helps tourists to avoid frustration and enjoy their journey thoroughly.

After getting an MA degree in History in 2002 at the university, I’ve been working as a travel manager, travel agent, tourist guide for twenty years. I’m a member of two public organizations – Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association and League of Kyiv‘s Guides. We follow the work principles of the European Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (FEG) and World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA). I participated in the international training programs.

My job is to tell stories about interesting places in Ukraine, history, culture, art, modern life, food, human behavior. Any storyteller proves that history is not as boring as some people think. It’s important to know what happened in the past as well as why it happened in such a way, what people thought and felt in different historical epoches. My another passion is social and ethnical psychology so I’ve got MA in Psychology in 2015. I like to compare counties and nations, to find different and common thing, to break national stereotypes, to see facts from different points of view.

I’ve been working as a tourist guide for many years and considering myself a storyteller. Once I realized that a travel blog gives more opportunities to acquaint people with Ukraine and other tourist destinations. I like reading travel stories of travel bloggers from different countries. I’m also eager to write stories and share my knowledge and impressions with other people. The result is Ukrainian Vacation. Travel Blog About Ukraine&World.

The main topics of this blog are history, culture, art, food, drink, practical information, highlights, travel news, tourism industry, life, psychology. I like to share my travel experience and appreciate the feedback. Tourists who travel a lot consider tourism and travelling as their lifestyle. Mutual communication is a good way to understand the world, life, country, and self. Tourism and travel makes us happy, keeps stay in contact, breaks national and interpersonal stereotypes.

Many pleasant things happened when I’ve met some Ukrainians abroad. Ukrainian diaspora consists of 13 million people all over the world. More than 3 million Ukrainians work abroad. It’s nice to meet native people everywhere. In this blog I write about Ukrainian people in other countries.

Let’s discover Ukraine together. Hope you’ll love my country as I do.

I’m open to cooperation in the tourism industry for those individuals and companies who share the ideas of responsible and sustainable tourism. The main concept of the travel blog is publishing useful and helpful information to organize a fascinating and comfortable trip.

Please, pay attention that I don’t write about video games, night clubs, or casinos so don’t cooperate with companies which are engaged in this business.

If you have some questions about Ukraine, please, write me e-mail. I’ll try to answer your question in a new post of travel blog. It can help other travellers to plan a trip to Ukraine.

Please, be aware that all posts are written by myselves and all rights reserved. If you want to publish these posts on other resources, put a hyperlink on Ukrainian Vacation. Travel Blog About Ukraine&World.

Contact E-mail: guide.kiev.ukraine@gmail.com
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