How do I get to Kyiv from airport?

There are two airports near Kyiv – Boryspil and Zhulyany. Boryspil (Borispol) is the biggest International airport located 16 km from Kyiv. Most of the flights arrive at terminal D. It takes 40-45 minutes to get to the city center by car. Pay attention, the city is very big and busy with traffic. Sometimes it… Read More »

Best things to do in Kyiv

Kyiv is a lively city with an active day and nightlife. Things to do in Kyiv include pop, rock and classical concerts, theater performances, modern art galleries, historical exhibitions, cinema festivals, museums, live music, restaurants, night clubs. Cultural and modern life activity is a reason to spend some more days in Kyiv. Prices for cultural… Read More »

Top 10 places to see in Kyiv

Kyiv is a big megalopolis, a destination for tourists who like to research old history and explore modern life. As some tourists said: “I love your city, it’s very lively”. “It’s unique and not similar to other cities”. “There are so many great panoramic views”. We’ve chosen top places must see in Kyiv and feel… Read More »

Ukraine. Best places to visit

Visit Ukraine. Where is it? It takes from two to five hours by airplane to the country in Eastern Europe. Visitors said: “I saw a completely different world”. “I‘m impressed by your country, so many fascinating places”. “I’ve never thought that your history and culture are so interesting”. “I like healthy, cheap, and delicious food”.… Read More »

Why do people travel?

According to UNWTO, over 1,3 billion people travel every year and the number is growing. COVID-19 lockdown has changed travel plans. Many people are waiting for opening the borders because they cannot live without travel. It’s a kind of energy which keeps life. I asked myself many times why do I love tourism and travel?… Read More »